Saina’ movie review: Too cute for a biopic, too easy for a sports film

Saina Nehwal’s inspiring journey is reduced to a mere cinematic template, specifically aimed to leave a positive note on children. Shouldn’t the adults care too?

Saina is the kind of biopic that shows commendable commitment to please the audience in ensuring that they leave the hall either smiling or chest-swelling with pride. It is also the kind of film that rather charmingly illustrates the pitfalls of making a biopic — in mainstream Indian cinema — that looks myopic, without a single overarching emotion that binds the film together. At the risk of sounding completely honest, there is not a single moment that elicits some kind of reaction in you, let alone taking them home. For the most part of the 135-minute film, you are in the dark wondering why the scenes aren’t working for you, or if you have become too numb to familiar emotions.

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