That Godzilla vs. Kong Trailer Has Me Thinking There’s A Big Secret Hiding In Plain Sight

January 31, 2021 By admin 0
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It won’t be long before we see Godzilla vs. Kong pitting these titular Titans in several bouts of hand-to-hand combat in the most most interesting of locales. With this ultimate cage match promising one party winning and the other tasting the sour grapes of defeat, it’s hard to know who will win. However, an even greater mystery asks an even bigger question: why would the indifferent lizard king that protected humanity for so long all of a sudden turn on it.

We don’t know why exactly, but I’m a fan of a current theory that’s been floating around that sums it all up in one word, and Godzilla vs. Kong’s trailer has me thinking that the answer is hiding in plain sight. It may finally be time for the world to meet MechaGodzilla. Before we get too deep into analysis, feel free to re-watch the first look at director Adam Wingard’s titanic showdown, as it’s included below:

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