Hailee Steinfeld Promotes ‘Dickinson’ In Versace

January 15, 2021 By admin 0
Hailee Steinfeld was in a very joyous mood as she captioned her latest Instagram post, “new episode of dickinson this friday on apple tv + ✨” There may be 66 days until the official first day of Spring, but Hailee Steinfeld opted to spring way forward in this Versace Resort 2021 dual-colour blouse and pleated skirt combo. The singer-actress has been heavily leaning towards a more sultry style for some time, but this takes me back to her early days when the outlook was more wholesome.

Wholesome and Versace?

These are not usually two words that are in the same post, but I adore the change of pace and vibrant energy of this look. Not every Versace moment needs to be a skin-tight, medusa moment. I think I need her The Attico ‘Venus’ lilac heels to go with everything I’m unlikely to be able to wear this Spring, if my Prime Minister doesn’t give lockdown 3.0 an end date.

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