Godzilla vs Kong movie review: Not the king of monster movies, but a royal rumble nonetheless

Godzilla vs Kong suffers from the same malady as so many modern blockbusters: they’re immensely watchable, but instantly forgettable. It’s the cross-over battle of the summer: “King of the Monsters” vs “The Eighth Wonder of the World.” It’s the duel of the allegorical heavyweights: the anti-nuclear vs. the anti-coloniali st. It’s titan against titan: Godzilla vs. Kong.

Ever since we saw the giant ape punch the giant lizard in the face in the trailer, the hype train for Legendary’s new Monsterverse film has been roaring full steam ahead. Don’t forget this is a rematch. The last time Godzilla and Kong clashed, it was a draw by all counts. In Ishirô Honda’s 1963 film, a Japanese pharmaceutical company pitted the two against each other to boost the ratings for the shows they sponsored. Not surprisingly, they end up destroying castles and cities in the ensuing mayhem. This time around, Hollywood invites the two to fight on their turf to boost its beleaguered box office.

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