‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Star Melissa Fumero Blasts Canadian Remake’s Whitewashed Casting

A French-Canadian remake of the hit cop comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” titled “Escouade 99” and transplanted to Quebec, has left people baffled. And that includes one of the original stars of the ongoing police procedural sitcom, once at Fox and now living at NBC. Melissa Fumero, who plays rule-abiding sergeant Amy Santiago, took to Twitter to blast the remake’s apparently whitewashed casting, with a non-Latina actress playing the Cuban-American star’s role. Another role, Fumero noted, also went to a non-Latina actress originally played by Stephanie Beatriz. In the new version, which just released a trailer, the characters are now dubbed as Fanny, portrayed by actress Mylène Mackay, and Rosalie, played by Bianca Gervais.
“This is like peeking through another dimension,” Fumero tweeted this week. “Gotta say though after watching this…I’m suddenly curious about the Latina population in Quebec. Just sayin’.”
However, Fumero said the show could present an opportunity to its creators to encourage more diversity among the cast members. “If the show is successful I hope the creators take that opportunity to hire more BIPOC in supporting and guest roles,” she said. “Also, you guyssssss Amy is not sexy ON PURPOSE. So that bums me out too,” adding her frustrations over the remake’s depiction of her character in the trailer.
“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” has an eighth season coming up, though it’s unclear when production will resume on the show. IndieWire recently interviewed former star Chelsea Peretti, who said that in the next season, the showrunners ought to consider defunding the police.
“Escouade 99” premieres September 17 on the streaming service Club Illico.

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