Katy Perry has entered the big top for her fifth album, titled Smile, will rely on clown and circus imagery

August 23, 2020 By admin 0
This new Katy Perry single “Smile” is an upbeat fancy song that feels very unscripted and unrehearsed. I am very happy that she just went to the studio to tell her fans how of a happy person she is right now and how having Orlando Bloom and a little baby blooming inside is making her so damn happy. I love that she is in this place, she deserves it, specially because of the depression she has been suffering due to the bad numbers of her previous Witness musical era. I really hope that Katy realizes how you can’t always win and that a second place isn’t bad at all. Back to “Smile”, I enjoy the rhythm it has and how it flows despite its bubblegum message. Nice track hihih.