‘Departure’ Trailer Reveals Peacock Mystery Series About a Vanishing Airplane


If you’re anything like me, you love a good plane mystery, and Peacock’s upcoming limited series Departure looks like it’s going to scratch that very specific itch judging by its brand new trailer. The show stars Archie Panjabi and Christopher Plummer as investigators brought on to locate a passenger aircraft that mysteriously vanished mid-flight and try to determine what happened to it. The investigation becomes more complicated when a survivor is rescued from the ocean and quickly becomes a terrorism suspect.

Departure looks equal parts twisty mystery and conspiracy thriller, as it appears that forces within the government are working to thwart the investigation for unknown reasons. And I’m always ready for more Christopher Plummer, so watching him play a grizzled old mentor to Panjabi’s character is going to be a delight. Created by Vince Shiao (Aftermath, Ransom), the six-part series aired last summer in the UK, so don’t let any of your British friends or family spoil it for you before it hits Peacock next month.

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