Raised by Wolves trailer: Ridley Scott’s sci-fi series looks creepy and fascinating


A trailer for upcoming HBO Max series Raised by Wolves is out. The science-fiction series is directed by Ridley Scott. The series revolves around an android, called the Mother, who was designed to nurture human children on a new, desolate-looking planet after the earth was destroyed due to a great war (presumably nuclear holocaust). She has another android, called the Father, to assist her. But everything about the Mother spells creepy. It is not just her way of talking; it is also what she does. She tells the classic fable of Three Little Pigs to the children, and she warns of the Big Bad Wolf which will come to eat them.

The trailer is well-cut and we do not see any important plot points, and yet there are a lot of intriguing shots where we see the Mother being a killing machine that would make T-800 proud. There are not many familiar actors here, and I only recognised Vikings’ Travis Fimmel, who utters something to the effect of the Big Bad Wolf in the story is her. Did he escape her clutches as a child?

Was the Mother designed to be lethal or somebody tinkered with her programming? Or she gained sentience on her own? Is she a danger to the children too or just those who wish to harm them?

There also appears to be a cult or several cults and we know from the official synopsis that the Mother and the Father deal with religious differences among humans. The idea seems to be that even on a new planet, humans would devolve enough to fight over religious beliefs. Overall, Raised by Wolves looks like the most interesting sci-fi project to grace screens since the first season of Westworld. The logline of the series reads, Mother was programmed to protect everyone after Earth had been destroyed. When the big bad wolf shows up, she is the one we must trust.

Raised by Wolves will begin streaming from September 3 on HBO Max.

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