Kangana Ranaut’s Team Gives Taapsee Pannu Tips on How to Become an A-lister


angana Ranaut’s team and Tappsee Pannu have been engaged in a war of words on Twitter, after Kangana in an TV interview called Taapsse a “B-grade actress”. In response to the labels and allegations by Kangana’s team on Twitter, Taapsee in an interview had said she does not consider herself an A-lister and does not know how she can become one.

Now, responding to Taapsee’s statement, Kangana’s team has shared tips on how to become an A-lister. “Good acting, strong personality, above everything a solo hit …. preferably a blockbuster like Queen, Tanu weds Manu Returns, Manikarnika if not even a normal solo hit will do, your time starts now … GO @taapsee,” wrote Kangana’s team along with the screenshot of Taapsee’s interview.

Apart from this, Kangana’s team also accused Taapsee of ‘trying to sabotage justice’ for late Sushant Singh Rajput.

Sharing actresses’ interview with CNN-News18, Kangana’s team wrote on Twitter, “Taapsee ji said she can’t do drama for TRP’s it’s a shame for a non existent career of hers she is trying to sabotage justice that whole nation wants for Sushant. For TRPs one needs valid points, brains, cohesive narrative and articulation…”

“…simply trying to humiliate struggle of a great woman like Kangana who not only put her glorious career at stake but even her own life in danger, shame on such greedy people,” read a follow up tweet.

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