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Pixar film Soul’s latest trailer teases life before Earth

In Soul, life starts before a person’s arrival on Earth. The film’s latest trailer offers a colorful look at “The Great Before,” a place where souls get their personalities before they enjoy their time on Earth.

Soul will premiere December 25th on Disney Plus. The Pixar-made film stars Jamie Foxx as the voice of Joe, a jazz-loving teacher from New York, and Tina Fey as the voice of 22, a soul who guides him. Pete Docter, known for his work on Inside Out and Up, is directing.

As the pandemic continues to keep spaces like movie theaters unsafe to visit or outright closed, Disney has used its streaming platform to exclusively debut would-be theatrical releases. The company previously announced that Soul would skip theaters and head straight to Disney Plus, joining titles like Mulan and Artemis Foul. Disney Plus subscribers won’t have to pay extra for Soul, the way the service charged $30 for Mulan when it first debuted.

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